Clay, Tim

Tim is a proud member of the Cherokee Nation. He is a photographer from Tulsa, Ok. From childhood he has been fascinated with nature and wildlife. Growing up his time was spent with the scouts, Tulsa Zoo docent program, hiking, hunting & fishing. Tim currently works for American Airlines in the Maintenance & Engineering Facility. His current passions include hiking, physical well being & photography. Tim often takes long hikes that may be 15-20 miles a day. He takes his camera with him to places such as the Rockies, Yellowstone Park, Mt. Rainer National Park, Alaska and even other countries such as Scotland, Isle Royale & Kauai. He says his passion is to be able to photograph what others do not have the opportunity to see and then to bring these visions into their hands, homes & workplaces. He feels if his photograph can inspire one person to venture out into nature...he has done his job.

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Other Works of Interest:

Penguin of the North

Description: 16X20 Framed canvas photo of puffin on the Ilse of Staffa off Coast of Scotland

Di ga ne li Yo na (Brother Bear)

Description: 20X30 Framed Photoon canvas of 2 male grizzlies in Yellowstone