Anderson, Matt

Matthew is a Cherokee artist with strong cultural ties from both sides of his family. His father’s family came from the original Cherokee country before forced removal and resisted the Dawes commission. They settled in Arkansas then Texas during the Civil War and later some moved to California before returning to Texas and Arkansas. Matthew’s Dad’s family still remains as undocumented Cherokee. Matthew’s mother’s family came during the forced removal from Cherokee lands with his great grandmother as an original enrollee. His grandmother was born here but due to the Great Depression & Dust Bowl migrated to California with her family when she was three and that is where Matthew was born. He lived in California until the age of three until the family moved back to the place his great grandmother called her little version of the Great Smoky Mountains. With a brief stay in Texas, NE Oklahoma has been Matthew’s home since the age of 5. The majority of his family all resides in a sixty mile radius of each other today and he boasts he is related to most everyone in Adair, Cherokee, & Sequoyah counties. Matthew’s artistic expression was encouraged by his family. His father taught him leather, wood, metal, bead, & bow making among many other traditional skills to numerous to mention. . His mother’s oldest sister taught him painting & pottery. Any talent he has he feels is directly related to the instructions & encouragement of his talented family. Matthew’s aunt was his greatest art teacher. She went to meet her Creator when he was 16. Sometimes working on an art project he can still picture her and hear her advice. Matthew said he can only hope to be half the artist she was and he hopes to encourage others to celebrate their heritage and create what inspires you.

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