Hummingbird, Jesse

Jesse, 3/4 Cherokee and a tribal member of the Cherokee Nation, was born in 1952 in Tahlequah, OK. He attended junior and senior high schools in Nashville, TN, and went on to study art at Watkins Institute, the University of Tennessee, and classes at The American Academy of Art in Chicago. He currently lives in Bisbee, AZ. He established himself as a successful printer, graphic artist, and commercial illustrator before becoming a full time artist in 1983. Jesse pursues both Cherokee and other Native American themes in his acrylic paintings. While painting contemporary images, Jesse paints in the traditional style of the Oklahoma Native painters. This “flat” style has no shadows, shading or blending of colors; each flat-colored area has an inlining of a different color and then a dark outline. Jesse currently exhibits at approximately 18 shows during the year, primarily in the southwest. Besides showing his original paintings and mixed media masks, he has limited edition giclee reproductions.

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