Lewis, Robert

Robert is of Cherokee, Navaho & Apache descent. He currently works as an outreach person for the Cherokee Nation in Art, Culture & Storytelling. Robert has a BA in Fine art from Northeastern State University. He has also taught evening classes in Art or Native Crafts at NSU since 2002. He has been an art instructor for 20 years teaching pre-k to Seniors and has provided art programs & storytelling all across the country. Robert believes everyone has artistic ability but only the ones that continue to practice & hone those techniques are then labeled as Artists. Robert feels if you can print your name & it can be read then you can draw. Just as everyone writes differently so everyone’s art will also look differently. He feels you just have to learn techniques in how an artist “sees” the world to become an artist. Roberts has worked in a number of mediums ranging from oil to acrylics, charcoal to pen & ink and will experiment with different mediums. His artwork in a personal reflection of his feelings, people he knows & the life cycles we all go through such as growth, loves & deaths. Images then come forth and he paints and juxtaposes those images. He has been exhibiting his artwork since 1988 in a variety of shows in Oklahoma.

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