Brown-King, Rodslen

Rodslen Brown-King grew up in Muskogee. She has 11 siblings and attended Muskogee public schools. From a very young age she has been inspired to help and care for others. One day when she was four years old, she was upstairs looking out her parents’ bedroom window and it was that day she had her first conversation with God about helping people. Over the years she observed her community and saw how the youth, the elderly and disabled were in need of various services and resources. She has worked with the Oklahoma Health Care Authority for over 25 years now, providing care to the disabled. Rodslen founded the Project A Association organization in 2000. The name of the organization, Project A, is an acronym (Potential, Realization, Opportunity, Job, Education, Creativity and Teaching, while A is for Artistic). She bought an old house and restored it. Programs that are available now are: Computer Labs Services, Creative Arts for Youth 4 to 18 years of age, Youth Prevention of Risk Program (ages 4-18). The program also has a community garden, managed by the youth and volunteer seniors. Rodslen also has a strong interest in helping the disabled connect and communicate with their loved ones and others. She is currently working on implementing a music therapy program that can address some of their individual needs. In 2013 she received the Cherokee National Community Leadership Award-Individual. She also acquired her Native American citizenship with Cherokee Nation and is a TERO certified Artist. Rodslen specializes in round reed, flat reed and honey suckle basket weaving and art. You can find her art with the following vendors: Art Market (Hard Rock), Cherokee Heritage Center, Annual and National JOM conference, Art Center in Tahlequah and Native Made Art Festival. Her art is also on display at the Cowboy Hall of Fame.

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