Vazquez, Victoria Mitchell

Victoria learned traditional southeastern woodland style pottery making in 1990 from her mother, Anna Sixkiller Mitchell, a full blood Cherokee who revived the art in Oklahoma. Victoria said "I feel as if this is what I was meant to be doing. I love digging the clay, creating something new and carrying on the tradition my mother started". Victoria is a native Oklahoman who lives on a cattle ranch with her husband near Welch, Ok. All the pottery and sculptures she makes is hand built using the coil method rather than a potter's wheel. The tools she uses are found or natural items like her ancestors would have used like smooth river stones, river cane sticks, bone utensils, gourd necks and handmade wooden paddles. She has won many awards across the U.S. Her most recent honor is receiving the Cherokee National Treasures Master Craftsman award for her skill and knowledge of traditional Cherokee art forms and commitment to education & cultural preservation through her pottery.

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