Washington, Tana

Tana has been drawing since she can remember, her dad was best friends with Jerome Tiger and he encouraged her to draw. He would draw something then pass the paper and pencil and tell her to draw it, so he was her earliest influence. She has always been an observer of people and nature and how we interact with each other. Mainly she is self taught, though she had two art classes in college. Tana enjoys experimenting with all mediums. For years she has done art because it is enjoyable and she has only recently pursued it professionally. She loves ALL art. When she makes something it is mostly personal or an emotion expressed. She has won awards in pencil, watercolor, wood carvings, alabaster carvings, and scissor cut. She loves the challenge of scissor cut. It is a very old art form created long ago in the form of silhouette. It was poor people's way of saving their image because they couldn't afford to have a painting done. Tana's scissor cuts are a derivative of those but in her style of drawing. The challenge is creating a design by taking away parts to create an image in a single piece. Simplicity. They are drawn in negative space. She was told there are less than 300 true scissor cut artists in the US.

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