Raymond, Margaret

Margaret is a Cherokee Nation citizen who worked for the tribe in the 1970’s. During this time the tribe had begun to develop new programs and services for the people in NE Oklahoma. She worked for the tribe againfrom 2000 to 2012 with a focus on Cherokee language, culture and history.She helped implement a tribal-wide language revitalization initiative developing the Bachelor Degree in Cherokee Language at Northeastern State University and the Cherokee Language Immersion School. This work required her to research historic Cherokee culture and art which culminated in a book, “Building One Fire: Art and World View of Cherokee Life”, published by the Cherokee Nation in 2010. After retirement Margaret’s interest in Cherokee art was renewed when she saw Chevron trade bead necklaces on display at the Gilcrease Museum. After searching website she discovered replicas of the old Chevron beads and began creating her own jewelry. Margaret’s goal is to make jewelry that may once again be worn to adorn tribal regalia as well as an accessory to contemporary dress. All of her jewelry features replica Chevron beads usually in their original seven-layer primary colors. She also incorporates other types of beads made from natural materials such as; silver, gold, turquoise, glass, shell, nuts, wood, rock, and minerals. She tries to retain the simple designs of the trade era that may have been worn by Cherokees and other tribes of the eastern seaboard. Paintings from this period featuring Cherokee men wearing silk hunting jackets with Chevron necklaces distinguished them as persons of wealth or accomplishment.

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