Cain, Roger

Roger, ½ Keetoowah-Cherokee, is a direct descendant of Watt Christie, the son of Florene Christie Batt and Charlie Cain, and the grandson of Agnes Christie Pumpkin, George Pumpkin and Richard Batt--all 4/4 Cherokee-Keetoowah. He was born and raised in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. He currently lives in the Old Flint / Going Snake District of the Cherokee Nation. He has been designated by the Cherokee Nation, Cherokee Historical Society and Cherokee Heritage Center as a Cherokee National Treasure. Roger practices traditional Cherokee cultural art and utilitarian art forms inspired by his Cherokee family and elders. Roger grew up Nighthawk Keetoowah Stomp dancing and playing in the creek and woods around his families rural home places. He grew up with his grandparents always pointing out different plants, trees and roots. They showed him how to gather and process plants as well as imparting the knowledge of which ones to use for sickness, for eating, or for a dye. Roger said as he grew older and recalled the knowledge passed on to him he realized what a gift he had received from them. He feels Cherokee art and the land are inter connected through artistic, utilitarian and spiritual uses. Roger’s goal is to continue to explore the ancestral technology and knowledge of the Cherokee culture from the elders that came before, during and after contact the colonialists. He said he will continue to promote and perpetuate the practice of Cherokee beliefs and culture through art, song, dance and spirit.

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