Watt, Jeffrey

Jeffrey L Watt is a deaf Cherokee citizen. He was born in Cherokee county in 1975. It was not until he was 7 that he discovered a talent for art. Jeffrey attended the Little Light House in Tulsa Ok. This is a Christian School for children with special needs. The school, after discovering his talent for art, did a story on him. They figured one reason Jeffrey was so good at art work was because he had no distractions. Jeffrey has had articles written about him for the newspapers numerous times. He is a multi-talented artist with varied interests. He paints with water color and acrylics, does wood burning, carves knife handles and makes jewelry carved from deer antler and elk horn. In 2014, Jeffrey won 3rd place in jewelry at the Five Civilized Tribes Museum in Muskogee. He also won Chief Bill John Baker’s Choice during the Cherokee Nation’s Cherokee Holiday Art Show along with an honorable mention. Jeffrey is currently being interviewed for the Little Light House Alumni newsletter which is compiled quarterly. They are very proud of the student they helped mold into becoming a multi-talented artist and overcoming his disabilities.

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