Bazil, Sheila

Sheila specializes in clay sculpture. She was born in Tahlequah. As a child she moved to Wichita, Kansas with her family but spent summers in Tahlequah with her grandparents where she was able to participate in Cherokee arts and crafts. Sheila soon came to feel that art, enriched by her own Cherokee culture, was very important. Sheila married, raised a family, earned a Bachelor of Arts degree of Northeastern State University and a Master’s Degree from Wichita State. She started sculpting with clay 20 years ago. She found it to be a wonderful form of expression. Today she teaches clay art classes at Mid-America All-Indian Association. Most of Sheila’s sculptures represent Cherokee lifeways. Her inspiration comes from the culture and history of the Cherokee people and her own life experiences. She feels a connection of life today and it’s link to our past and the future. It is her hope that as others view her art they will sense an emotion or see a relationship to something meaningful in their own lives. She has received a variety of awards for her sculptures.

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