Welcome to Angel Project 2022

Please Complete one application per family. Applications can only be filled out by the Parent or Legal Guardian of the child.

Steps to Complete Application Online:

  1. Register your account. -->Register Here
  2. Confirm Email: This step is Required.
  3. Log in and fill out Parent/Guardian Information.-->Login Here
  4. Upload required documents.
  5. Add all eligible children in household. CHILDREN CANNOT BE ON ANOTHER ANGEL TREE.

When filling out your application you MUST have:

  1. Proof of Income: for all household members over the age of 18. (If you are unemployed, one letter from another agency stating you are receiving assistance.)
  2. Proof of Address: you must live within the 14 counties of Cherokee Nation.
  3. Membership/Citizenship Card for EACH CHILD. (Cherokee Membership only)
  4. Children must be between ages 0 and 16.
  5. Photo Identification
  6. If you are the child's Legal Guardian, please bring proof of legal guardianship.

Applications must be filled out between 10/18/2021 and 11/5/2021.

Monthly Net Income Guidelines for Family of:

Family Members:Income:
1$ 1,301.00
2$ 1,762.00
3$ 2,222.00
4$ 2,682.00
5$ 3,143.00
6$ 3,603.00
7$ 4,064.00
8$ 4,524.00